The Witness Blanket

Strewn in the wake of the Indian Residential Schools are an immeasurable number of broken or damaged pieces. These fragmented cultures, crumbling buildings, segments of language, and grains of diminished pride are often connected only by the common experience that created them. Imagine those pieces, symbolic and tangible, woven together in the form of a blanket. A blanket made from pieces of residential schools, churches, government buildings, and cultural structures.

The Reflection Wall

The Witness Blanket is a collection of individual stories, connected by residential school experiences. Each piece of history tells a story. These pieces witnessed the loneliness and abuses children suffered. But they also represent the children’s acts of courage. Each contribution calls upon the viewer to bear witness and hear its story.

The Reflection Wall accompanies the presentation of The Witness Blanket at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. The Reflection Wall features a display of projected words that have been contributed by people who have visited the gallery or used this online program. You are invited to participate in the dialogue and reflect on reconciliation by contributing a word to The Witness Blanket Reflection Wall.

If you could contribute one word to
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